Stepping Up Our Game; Into The Digital World We Venture

When you’re involved in the world of interior and exterior design, you stick to what you know best; design and layout. However, in today’s society of the Internet and digital age, we need to step up our game in the realm of technology.

You Might Ask Why?

Well, plain and simple – the digital world sells…and it sells well. Whereas our products and services speak for themselves, we still need to reach our audience through technology. With all of these ‘Internet Marketers’ out there, there are plenty of ‘online secrets’ and special recipes that are, “…guaranteed to get you on the first page of Google.”

I’ve only seen one thing in this life that is guaranteed: death. In, no way shape or form, do I see it feasibly possible to guarantee someone a placement on a service (or product) that the company doesn’t even have control over and/or access to persuade those results. In this case of “ranking on the top of Google” how can a random company, that isn’t Google, guarantee me anything on their end?

Simply put, they cannot do it.

Once we got our website up and online, we became flooded (Nay, overwhelmed) with online marketers and SEO gurus claiming to help us get to the top. I should have started by saying that we aren’t your average, run-of-the-mill, company that just jumps at every gold pot we’re offered. We research, we dig deeper, we figure it out before going forward.

After bringing on our own experts, weighing out the options in regards to SEO and Google Rankings, and laying it all out on the table we’ve come to the conclusion that the MLM route is one we’d lke to attempt. Doing the MLM route, we’re able to control our own outcome as opposed to paying a monthly retainer to some company we’ve never met. We would much rather hire someone on staff that we can plan strategies with as opposed to hiring out a random company that we have no control over, that we have no idea what they’re accomplishing on our behalf, nor do they ever communicate with us if what they’re doing is even White or Black Hat.



Obviously, we’re a company that shoots straight with our clients, ourselves, and our loved ones. What’s the point of doing business if you aren’t going to treat people like people (bold theory right?). We’re to provide you with the best information and ideas possible when it comes to interior and exterior design. We don’t need to bog you down with the online marketing end of it but we wanted to share this on our website, in hopes of stopping some of these mass emails we’re receiving.

International Design

It was a time when the modern design movement blew the lid off conventional with exuberance in form and color, and with creativity expressed through revolutionary materials and execution.

Calderwood 2Newly developed technologies allowed a freedom of design previously impossible. A cantilevered chair in stainless steel with no apparent support structure, a bentwood-style rocking chair executed completely in Lucite, lamps made of coral, cork, plastics and chrome, entire dining tables in stone and brass – whatever designers conceived could be produced.

A robust economy fed the appetite for innovative design that was well executed. A mod squad of high end shops and adventurous interior designers embraced the creation of a fab environment with a lot of glam, and a dash of pop.

Calderwood 2 heralds this renaissance of imagination and creativity. Brought to you by our world-class Calderwood Gallery

How an unexpected fat loss challenge opened my eyes

My neighbor, Julie, stopped over after work a couple of weeks ago.  Nothing unusual.  That girl always seems to be dropping in.  Which is cool.  I mean, I’m a social butterfly and so is she, so it works out.


How some chick looks after taking this AdvoCare supplement–crazy, right?

Typically, a 30-minute rant about her day, followed by a glass (or four) of Riesling, is what transpires.  But this most recent time was different.  Julie had a good day at work, which surprised me.  That never happens.  WTH?!?  Why was she in such a chipper mood?

I was about to find out.

To my amazement, Julie was 12 days into some new 24 day challenge thingy.  Apparently this ADVOCARE company sells it.  I rolled my eyes, and tried not to listen but the more she talked, the more interested I became.  And, I had to admit, she did look good.  Must be some decent stuff.

“How much is it?” I asked her.

“Almost $200,” she responded.

Holy Cow!

Yikes.  ‘Nother glass of vino, por favor.  Stuff was working, but damn, was it expensive.  A little more chit-chatting and she convinced me to hop on board and do it with her, albeit a couple weeks behind.  I was excited, nervous and still skeptical.  Sure, it was working for her, but I’d tried and failed on so many diet programs in the past.  How was this baby gonna be any different?

A few days after that unexpected fat loss challenge landed in my lap, the doorbell rang.  It was the UPS guy.  My 24 day challenge had arrived and I was excited to rip open the box and start downing pills like they were going out of style.  Haha, seriously, I was on board and ready to blast away at some of the extra belly fat I’d acquired over the winter months.

Fast forward to present day.  Thanks to Julie’s weird recommendation, I’m down 16 lbs and feeling toner, tighter, fitter and more energetic than I have in a really long time–we’re talking years here, people.

My plan is simple:

  1. Stay the course.  No reason to veer off now.  I’m going to finish out my 24 days strong and see this thing all the way through.  Can’t wait to see what the final results are.
  2. Maintain all weight loss by adopting a clean, moderate calorie diet that I know I can sustain over the long haul.  No crazy calorie restrictions or anything like that.
  3. Exercise intensely, at least 5 times each week.  This is where I struggle.  But, man, I’ve found so much synergy by combining supplements plus diet plus workouts–and not just the first 1-2, like I normally do.  Big time results when all 3 are done, in conjunction, alongside each other.
  4. Treat myself with one cheat day each week.  Probably Saturday.  Or Sunday.  Nothing like ordering up a pizza, some breadsticks and chilling out on the sofa, watching some football, right?  Cool thing is, this actually recharges your metabolism–or so I hear–which is in a weird way sorta good for you overall because your metabolic rate doesn’t slow down so much.

That’s it.  Just 4 simple steps and I’ll be on my way to fitness model status before I know it.  Kidding.  Kind of.  I’m happier than I’ve been in a long time and that’s the main thing.  To be continued.  Wish me luck!  Talk to ya’ll soon.

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